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Plastic Bag Production Process

1, determine size and printed material:

Specifications on the vest bag, the same, non-uniform specifications can be customized according to customer requirements. General specifications such as: 20*32cm,25*40cm,30*48cm,35*55cm. Thickness according to the standards of plastic limit order for single-layer not less than 0.025mm. Printing your presentation according to the sample, or customer designs to manufacturers, will also allow manufacturers to design.

2, according to the order number of blown film, melt blown is the plastic particles, by extrusion, through the blower into a plastics processing technology for plastic film. Plastic vest bag is made of high density polyethylene (HDPE, also known as low) as raw materials.

3, plastic vest bag printing are generally simple, color is not complicated, simple and concise.

4, then was cut.

5, sealing is to seal the printed coil and knockouts and vest bag forming the last step.

6, forming-packaging-shipping.