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Classification Of Plastic Processing Methods

According to different molding methods of various plastics, it can be divided into membrane pressure, lamination, injection, extrusion, blow molding, cast plastic and reaction injection plastic and many other types.

Membrane pressure plastics are mostly plastics with similar physical properties and general solid plastics. Laminate plastics are fiber fabrics impregnated with resin, and they are combined and pressed together to form an integral material; injection, extrusion and blowing Plastics are plastics with similar physical properties and processing properties to general thermoplastics. Casting plastics are liquid resin blends that can be hardened into a certain shape in a mold, such as MC, under pressureless or slight pressure. Nylon, etc.; reaction injection plastic is a liquid raw material, pressurized injection into the cavity of the film, so that the reaction curing into a certain shape of the plastic, such as polyurethane.