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Biodegradable Bag

               Polymer materials have been widely used in various sectors of the national economy, and they bring serious environmental pollution, and the study of environmental friendly materials is becoming more and more urgent. Biodegradable materials are favored for their biodegradability, good mechanical properties and rich raw materials. In this paper, the definition, classification, degradation mechanism and influencing factors of biodegradable polymeric materials are briefly introduced, and the application of biodegradable materials in the fields of medicine, agriculture and packaging is expounded.Biodegradable Bag

                The purpose and significance of biodegradable materials are introduced. The degradation mechanism and classification of biodegradable materials (blending type, chemical synthesis type, natural macromolecule type and microbial synthetic material) were expounded. The main factors affecting the biodegradability of materials are summarized, including the composition, structure, crystallization state, temperature, humidity, ph value and soil composition. The main problems of degradable materials are pointed out and the prospect of their development is prospected.Biodegradable Bag

               The degradation mechanism of biodegradable polymeric materials was introduced. 3 methods of classifying and evaluating biodegradability, focusing on the summarization of natural macromolecule materials, microbial synthetic polymers, chemical synthetic polymers and mixed polymer materials, and briefly introduced the three major problems in the further development of biodegradable polymeric materials at present.Biodegradable Bag