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Plastic is a macromolecule compound (macromolecules), which is a monomer made of monomers and polymerized by polyaddition or polycondensation polymerization. It is commonly called plastics or resins and can be freely changed in composition and body style. It is made of synthetic resin and fillers. Plasticizers, stabilizers, lubricants, pigments and other additives.

The main component of plastic is resin. The term "resin" was originally named after the lipids secreted by plants and animals, such as rosin, shellac, etc. Resin refers to a polymer compound that has not been mixed with various additives. The resin accounts for about 40% to 100% of the total weight of the plastic. The basic properties of plastics are mainly determined by the nature of the resin, but additives also play an important role. Some plastics are basically composed of synthetic resins, with or without additives, such as organic glass, polystyrene, and the like.

The so-called plastic, in fact, it is a synthetic resin, the shape of the resin with the natural resin similar to the pine, through chemical means artificial synthesis, and is called plastic.