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Biodegradable Bag

Our biodegradable bags can be rolled up for distribution to customers. They are made from plants, non-GMO oils and starches and can be consumed by organisms living in our soil. Biodegradable bags can be rolled up for distribution to customers. It is durable and ideal for any grocery store, natural food store or farmer's market. It is also great for storing food and keeping many fruits and vegetables fresher and longer. Huasheng can provide biodegradable bags of different sizes to meet the changing needs of customers.
Huasheng is a professional biodegradable bag manufacturers and suppliers. We offer cheap biodegradable bag for sale. Welcome to wholesale the best biodegradable bag from our factory. Be free to check prices with us.
High quality, strength and performance, non-toxic.
Fully certified compostable, meeting relevant compostability standards.
Biodegradable, compostable, and free of visible, distinguishable or toxic residues.
The classic translucent design is ideal for the food service industry and the requirements of individual consumers who care about the environment.